Building your business is no joke. Under the banner of HERlarious Funny Women curates workshops, events and creative work with the purpose of changing the narrative for women in the workplace and giving them the tools and confidence to have a voice.

Funny Women helps women to perform, write and do business with humour. Recognised comedy experts, we deploy some of the tried and tested tricks of the comedy trade to provide insights and inspiration for your business. 

Founder Lynne Parker created Funny Women in 2002 as a response to the myth perpetuated that women aren’t funny. Now the landscape has changed, and women are proving that they are as funny, if not funnier, and every bit as successful as their male counterparts.

This change has run parallel to women becoming more prominent in business, politics, public life, industry, media, sport, the armed services and beyond and we have been working with some amazing companies and organisations using humour to develop confidence, build teams and improve creativity and wellbeing.

We originally ‘gave birth’ to HERlarious, as a way of changing the narrative around how women are represented in the workplace, advertising and the media and to promote the fact that a gender balance equates to sustainable success and stability for businesses.  

Despite our best efforts and those of our clients, a recent study by Unilever and the #SeeHer campaign revealed that only 3% of advertisements show women in leadership positions, 2% show women being intelligent, and an even more lowly 1% show women with a sense of humour!

With some help from our friends in top advertising agencies and marketing networks, we created our ongoing HERlarious – Comedy for Creatives events to encourage collaboration between women in comedy and the creative industries – from script writing to casting, and having the confidence to sell our work. Where better to influence public opinion and showcase even more great female comedic and creative talent than by changing the face of how products and services are advertised.

Now we’ve expanded our HERlarious offer to bring businesses and organisations face to face with our community of Funny Women – performers, producers, directors and creators who can make your products and services look and feel good in today’s highly competitive marketplace.  

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